Toolbox-like software helping decision makers to determine technical and financial viability, potential and impacts of clean energy options

The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool developed with the contribution of numerous experts from government, industry, and academia. The software, provided free-of-charge, can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies (RETs). The software (available in 36 languages) also includes product, project, hydrology and climate databases, a detailed user manual, and a case study based college/university-level training course, including an engineering e-textbook.  The RETScreen software also incorporates a Clean Energy Policy Toolkit and a Clean Energy Legal Toolkit.

This tool is available in 36 languages.


Optional, but highly recommended. Comprehensive training materials available on website at no cost to user.
Premium training available for a fee.
Using the tool: Software and comprehensive online training material free-of-charge.
Time needed:
Depends on user and project - if data is available and user knows how to use software, then time required to analyze a project can be less than 1 hour. For training, various modules which can be completed in a few hours, few days, or over a few weeks.

Accessing the tool

CD Rom, Online: Free download online, CD Rom when requested
English, French, Spanish, Bangla, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic
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GHG emissions and energy models

Computer-based models which calculate greenhouse gas emissions and energy supply and demand.

Area of focus
RETScreen: Mitigation 0, Adaptation 3, Development 1

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Natural Resources Canada


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