Climate Proofing for Development

Analyses of risks posed with climate change on policies, projects and programmes in developing countries

Climate Proofing for Development was designed by GIZ (then GTZ) with the purpose of integrating climate considerations into planning at national, sectoral, project and local levels. It facilitates climate change oriented analyses of policies, projects and programmes in partner countries, with the aim of highlighting the risks and opportunities climate change poses. By viewing development through a climate change lens, appropriate steps can be taken to decrease vulnerability, and ensure that projects or programmes progress in a way that pays due consideration to the implications of environmental change. Climate Proofing for Development determines the bio-physical and socioeconomic impacts of climate change in order to plan appropriate adaptation strategies. This process always requires expert support, process facilitation and tailor-made capacity development, which are services offered by GIZ.  This tool is accompanied by a brochure available for download online.  


This methodology is designed to be undertaken with expert support, so no training is required.
Using the tool: $300+

Accessing the tool

Online, Paper-based
English, French, Spanish, Russian
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Adaptation assessment and process guidance tools

Aid adaptation decision processes; evaluate the tool's effectiveness and efficiency, including which policy cycle stage it can be used in.

Area of focus
Adaptation 3, Mitigation 0, Development 2

Published by:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


For use in Asia, Africa, Latin America