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  • Abatement

    The amount by which something is reduced.

  • Adaptation

    Process or action of adjusting to different circumstances or conditions as a result of a changing climate.

  • Adaptation assessment

    Practice of identifying adaptation options and evaluating them based on criteria such as availability, benefits, costs and effectiveness.

  • Adaptation assessment and process guidance tools

    Aid adaptation decision processes; evaluate the tool's effectiveness and efficiency, including which policy cycle stage it can be used in.

  • Adaptation data and information tools

    Emphasise tools for climate adaptation that provide data and information to users, for e.g. climate impact data.

  • Adaptation knowledge sharing tools

    Share climate adaptation-specific knowledge increasingly through Web 2.0 functionality and user-generated content.

  • Adaptation planning

    Process of formulating a scheme or programme in order to adapt to climate change

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  • Assessment of mitigation / resource potential

    Assess broad mitigation options such as CO2 emissions reduction and renewable energy resource potentials such as wind energy.

  • Awareness raising

    Information is gathered about the key issues and potential barriers and opportunities are identified, collected and analysed.

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